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One of the first steps of developing your film is to transform it into a project that can be captured in camera. This stage is known as pre-production. Echocloud has a collective of writers, casting directors and illustrators to bring your idea to life. Once an idea is solidified, Echocloud will write a script and/or storyboard, cast the actors and secure locations depending on what the project needs.

All of our pre-production services can also be contracted separately upon request.

This includes:

• Casting • Location Scout
• Budgeting • Storyboarding
Pre-Production & Production Demo

Echocloud - Pre Production & Production Demo

Once everything has been finalized in pre-production, the next step of development is capturing the project in camera. This stage is known as production. One of the key people involved is the director, who coordinates with the cast and crew to follow through on your vision for the project.

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